BBC BLUNDER: Moment Youtuber accidentally interrupts live Brexit interview with Skype call


BBC BLUNDER: Moment Youtuber accidentally interrupts live Brexit interview with Skype call

Youtuber Lucia Keskin accidentally skyped BBC news while they were live on air, with her picture popping up during an interview on Brexit. As journalist Bojan Pancevski discussed the EU’s response to Brexit Ms Keskin, also known as Chi with a C on Youtube, interrupted the live interview with an incoming Skype call. Footage shows Ms Keskin’s Skype profile picture pop up in the middle of the screen while a ringtone can be heard in the background. Ms Keskin tweeted a video clip and joked about the hilarious moment: “As if I skyped BBC News when they were talking about Brexit I’m howling.”

Twitter users were tickled by the footage, with one posting in response: “You’re the new face of Brexit”.

Another said: “Just when you thought Brexit couldn’t get any more ridiculous”.

A third questioned: “How on earth did you manage to find the BBC’s Skype?”

Ms Keskin appeared on BBC News in the evening to discuss the popularity of TV show Friends with young people, where her Skype session was cut off before she was due to appear.

She explained: “They asked me because I do comedy videos and skits on my YouTube and I did one of friends so they wanted to know why I liked it so much.

“It cut off just before the time I was supposed to go on so I rang them back and for some reason it broadcasted my incoming call to the whole nation.”

The interview interrupted by Ms Keskin as discussing whether any changes could be made to Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Mr Pancevski said: “Maybe there is some hope for cosmetic changes, and obviously Ireland is a key country in this.”

The comments come as Ireland’s deputy prime minister is preparing to travel to Washington as Dublin seeks backup from Congress to block a no-deal Brexit.

Simon Coveney, who also serves as foreign minister, will make the trip to the US next week to meet with Irish-American lawmakers behind a move to oppose the return of a hard border in Ireland.

The planned talks come just days after MPs in Westminster voted to scrap the backstop designed to avoid a hard border and replace it with “alternative arrangements”.

On the day of the vote, congressman Brendan Boyle put forward a resolution which, if backed, could see the US Congress formally oppose the reimposition of border checks in Ireland, The Irish Times reports.

Mr Boyle told the Irish newspaper: “I felt that this was the right time for the US Congress to state publicly what many of us have been saying privately for some time.

“The Good Friday Agreement is one of the great foreign policy achievements of the 20th century. It eliminated the hard border that then existed between Northern Ireland the rest of Ireland.

“Now Brexit threatens this.”

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