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Family is offering $1k reward for lizard's return


UPPER WEST SIDE — A lizard was stolen from a local pet store, and now the animal’s owners are offering a $1,000 reward for the reptile’s safe return.

Stacey Shapiro told PIX11 News that her family left their two bearded dragon lizards to be boarded at Petqua over Memorial Day weekend. But on Saturday, two men came into the store and stole the female lizard, Sandy.  The male lizard, Oscar, was left unharmed.

The pet shop’s store manager had previously seen one of the thieves before when he tried to sell him baby dragon lizards. Though employees were watching the two men, the robbers still were able to flee the store by hiding Sandy under one of the men’s shirts.

Shapiro says the family first and foremost wants Sandy to be returned to Petqua and brought back home. But they are also concerned the lizard was taken for breeding purposes.

If you have any information about Sandy, email sandylizardnyc@gmail.com.


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