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How many Ofcom complaints has Love Island 2019 received?


WHILE Love Island has been entertaining millions for the past three weeks on ITV2, there’s been a drastic spike in the number of complaints being made to Ofcom.

With fans having complained about Joe Garratt’s “controlling” behaviour and Maura Higgins “sexually harassing” Tommy Fury, here’s the lowdown on what’s really been irking viewers.

lucie donlan
Lucie Donlan has been left in tears on multiple occasions throughout the latest series

How many complaints has Love Island 2019 received?

Love Island 2019 has received a whopping number of 1,215 complaints as of June 17.

According to reports, fans have been left worried for Lucie Donlan’s safety, branding her coupled-up partner Joe as controlling and unstable.

One fan had taken to Twitter, stressing: “Joe is actually so controlling i hate it lucie deserves to be loved sorry for hating on you at the start xxxxx.”

Another social media user wrote: “Seeing actual signs of emotional abuse on Love Island is excruciating.”

love island maura
Maura made it no secret that she wanted to sleep with Tommy in the villa

A third said: “It’s actually becoming uncomfortable to watch how everyone is treating Lucie.
“I’d genuinely worry for her mental health.”
In a recent episode of Love Island, Joe had told Lucie that she needed to make more of an effort in spending time with the other girls.
His delivery was deemed as “disturbing” by some fans, who felt as if Lucie couldn’t find her true happiness in the villa until she was rid of the sandwich maker.

love island
Some believe that Joe has been too “controlling” when it comes to his romance with Lucie

Even Women’s Aid chief executive Adina Claire thanked Love Island fans for complaining about the scenes.
She said: “Controlling behaviour is never acceptable, and with Love Island viewers complaining to Ofcom in record numbers about Joe’s possessive behaviour towards Lucie, more people are becoming aware of this and want to challenge it.”
Meanwhile, Maura Higgin’s flirtatious arrival at the villa certainly didn’t go unnoticed.
Certain viewers felt as if the grid girl was sexually harassing boxer Tommy Fury, adding that she overstepped her boundaries on multiple occasions.

And not to mention that Maura has no filter when it comes to speaking her mind, infamously saying she had a “fanny flutter” whenever she was around Tommy.

While it’s unclear how Love Island producers are handling the complaints, bosses have already shown that they take rulebreaking very seriously.
Sherif Lanre was shockingly kicked off the show for inappropriate behaviour.

The rugby player later revealed that he was supposedly booted for making remarks about Molly-Mae after a playfight ended up seeing the blonde get hurt.

ITV2 has yet to respond to Sherif’s comments concerning their decision to remove him from the show.



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