Kate Middleton has been a senior working royal since she married Prince William, 38, in 2011. Shortly after they wed, she attended her first royal engagement with Queen Elizabeth II.

Analysing their bond over the years, body language expert Judi James shared her verdict.

The expert noted some key differences between Kate and the Queen.

She told Express.co.uk: “The Queen’s closest friends are often given the job of ladies in waiting.

“When Kate accompanies Her Majesty on royal outings the body language between the two women looks similar to that between the Queen and those close supportive companions.


“Given their rather contrasting personalities it would be hard to imagine the very stoic and no-nonsense Queen seeing the rather sweet and more compliant Kate as a natural friend and confidant.

“But over their years spent together, since Kate married William, that does seem to be the nature of the relationship that has grown between them.”

While in the Royal Family, Kate has often been commended for staying drama-free, the expert suggested.

Her positive attitude may have offered some comfort and support to the Queen.

Judi added: “Kate’s cheerful, fuss-free behaviour, plus her growing signs of confidence and dependability as someone to share hosting duties, the Queen now looks relaxed and very upbeat in her company.

“Especially at a time in her life when she must be missing Prince Philip’s support.

“Their different personalities and Kate’s polite deference signals means there is very little mirroring between Kate and the Queen.

“But it’s interesting to see the Queen use a lot of eye contact when they are talking.”

While there are some differences between Kate and the Queen, Judi commented on what appears to be a genuine bond.

Kate joined the Royal Family when she married Prince William on April 29, 2011.

She has become a popular member of the family and seems to have taken on increasing duties over the years.

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