Peter Kay, 46, falls victim to another nasty death hoax as fake reports trend on Twitter


Peter Kay, 46, was the subject of a death hoax today as false reports about the comedian having passed away circulated on Twitter. 

The star, who recently announced anniversary screenings for his sitcom Phoenix Nights, also became the centre of similar speculation last year.

“RIP Peter Kay” was trending on Twitter today, prompting outraged fans to respond to the fake reports.

One angry Twitter user wrote: “Not this s**t again. Stop creating rumours without evidence #RIPPETERKAY.”

Another added: “Again? That’s the 3rd time this year #RIPPETERKAY.”

A third fan suggested Twitter should take action and put an end to the false stories.

They tweeted: “I think @Twitter needs to take care of these false trends better #rippeterkay.”


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