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Playing golf with Urban Meyer sounds really intense


Golf is supposed to be a relaxing activity. Unless, of course, you’re Urban Meyer.

The famously intense former Ohio State football coach reportedly doesn’t calm down much on the course. According to the Chicago Tribune, which played nine holes with Meyer, he once forced a golf pro to change out of a blue pullover, asking, “What the (expletive) are you wearing?”

Even after retirement, he doesn’t seem to have changed. Meyer reportedly yelled at his shots multiple times and, upon realizing that the sportswriter outdrove him, was less than pleased.

“Son of a (expletive),” Meyer said. “You got me. Wow. … (Crap’s) gonna change.”

Meyer also discussed his retirement, saying he stepped down for health reasons and suffered headaches that made it impossible for him to address his team after wins over Penn State and Indiana.

According to the Tribune, Meyer would stay in a quiet room until being shot up with Toradol, the same painkiller commonly used in NFL locker rooms. However, Meyer said he was feeling good.

“It’s something I have to manage,” Meyer said. “I’m trying different things.”

Evidently though, golf isn’t much of a stress deterrent.


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