Strictly's Kevin Clifton exposes Anneka Rice game plan after Cha Cha Cha scores low


The first Strictly Come Dancing saw judges scoring each celebrity’s performance with their professional partner for the first time. And, one of the low scoring routines came from Anneka Rice and Kevin Clifton. However, reflecting the dance on It Takes Two, Kevin may have revealed it’s part of their game plan.

Zoe welcomed Anneka and last year’s champion Kevin on to the show this evening to chat about their Cha Cha Cha on Saturday night’s first live show.  

Viewers saw the TV star kick-start her routine with a stunt inspired by her 80s TV show Treasure Hunt, which would see her arriving by helicopter.

The pair earned a score of 14 much to the star’s delight however, they are in the bottom three on the leader board. 

However, as the pair appeared on It Takes Two this evening, Kevin may have just let Anneka’s “game plan” slip following her low score.

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“Is he implying that I won’t try very hard the first week?” Anneka remarked whilst breaking into a laughter. 

Kevin, smiling beside Anneka, joked: “See, that’s our game plan.”

A puzzled Anneka explained: “I did’t even understand that on the night let alone you mentioning it again now. What on earth does that mean?”  

Zoe suggested maybe he means that she has a lot of potential but is just not letting it out right now. 

Nodding in agreement with Zoe, Kevin added: “Yeh that’s what I think. He thinks there’s a dancer in there and we’re starting to find it.”

Despite one of the lowest scores on the show, can Anneka’s next performance save her from the first elimination? 

Moving on to Anneka’s positivity, Zoe mentioned that the judges were raving about her energy levels despite her low score. 

Video footage was shown of the star in training with Kevin and while she’s continuing to rehearse, Kevin is heard saying: “Anneka’s like ‘cool, let’s do it again’ and I’m like ‘yeah“” as he gasps for air. 

Imitating Kevin, Zoe remarked the professional was wheezing while struggling to catch his breath before praising Anneka for not even breaking a sweat. 

Fans on Twitter also praised Anneka for her energy and positivity during her performance. 

Zoe also noted the 60-year-old was very apprehensive about signing up.

“It’s taken me 15 years to say yes to this programme,” the star responded. She went on to add that she felt a little bit “reckless” this year but is excited about where life is taking her. 

The star admitted that it was a breakthrough because it wasn’t about how good she was but rather about “how it makes you feel”. 

Looking at Kevin and squeezing his hand, the star mentioned they started their next routine which is the Waltz, teasing: “It came from the heart rather than my feet. It will never come from my feet.”

Next week Kevin and Anneka will perform the Waltz to Whitney Houston’s song, Run To You. 

It Takes Two airs weekdays on BBC One at 5.15pm. 


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