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Watch the horrific moment Rory McIlroy’s drive clatters fan straight on the skull at Memorial


THIS is the horrific moment Rory McIlroy’s wayward drive clatters a fan flush on the skull.

The Northern Irishman’s wild drive made a sickening sound as it struck the unsuspecting crowd member on the head.

McIlroy’s drive on the seventh clattered a fan flush on the head
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Fans turn in shock as the sickening sound of ball on skull is heard
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McIlroy was out with the big stick on the par-five seventh at Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial tournament in Ohio, US.

He hits the ball but leans his body to the left as the ball flails out to the right.

And television cameras caught the moment the ball smacked the supporter bang on the head, causing him to wheel away in pain.

Fortunately he seemed OK by the time McIlroy made it down to him, with the four-time major winner apologising for the shot.

And although there was a shot of fore, TV viewers were fuming that it was not louder.

One said: “McIlroy has just hit a spectator at the Memorial off his tee shot. Barely whispered “fore right”. Seems a man who could do with a short break away from golf, his head just doesn’t seem right.”

Another, in reference to Sky Sports Golf presenter Nick Dougherty’s report of the incident, posted: “Nick, what I’ve just watched on Sky Sports Golf coverage of The Memorial is nothing short of disgraceful.

“Both you and Mr Coltart have just defended Rory McIlroy, claiming there was a Fore shout before he struck a spectator. I’ve called louder for a waiter! Shame.”

One comment read: “Rory McIlroy drive. Straight into crowd. Somebody murmurs fore right. Inaudible to crowd. Hits someone straight in the face. How many times does this have to happen ffs??

McIlroy apologised to the fan, who appeared to be OK despite the impact
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