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Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 could be followed by these big releases


Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 is one of the most highly anticipated Nintendo Switch games on the horizon. Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 was the surprise reveal at the end of the E3 2019 Direct but since then we haven’t heard anymore on the Nintendo Switch title. Rumours have pegged Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 as having a 2020 or 2021 release with more details hopefully coming in the next Nintendo Direct.

But a new leak could have shed some light on top titles that could be following up or joining BoTW 2, depending on when the new Zelda game launches.

This week claims have emerged that Nintendo are planning to re-release titles from the Mario series to celebrate the plumber’s 35th birthday in 2020.

According to a post by Video Games Chronicle, Ninty are planning to “re-release most of Super Mario’s 35-year back catalogue” for the Switch.

VGC went on to add that a special anniversary collection is in the works that will bundle remasters of Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy for the Switch.

Super Mario Bros first came out on the Famicom (the Japanese NES) in September 1985, so the Switch re-releases should be dropping around then.

Which could mean we get confirmation of this in a Direct taking place around the time of the now-cancelled E3 2020 event in June.

The reason this is of interest to Zelda fans is next year will mark the 35th birthday for the iconic series starring Link.

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The first Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda, launched on the Famicom Disk System in February 1986.

If Ninty has big plans in motion for Mario’s 35th anniversary then they may also have similar plans for the 35th birthday of the Zelda series.

Which could mean a similar levels of re-releases coming to the Nintendo Switch.

And, depending on when BoTW 2 comes out, Zelda re-releases could come after Breath of the Wild 2 drops or maybe alongside it.

There are a number of Zelda games which spring to mind which would be primed for a Nintendo Switch release.

The Wii U was home to HD versions of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

And, seeing as how Ninty has already ported over tonnes of Wii U games, they could do the same with these Zelda titles.

While there has also long been rumours of a Skyward Sword remaster coming to the Nintendo Switch which hasn’t born fruition yet.

Other popular ports that fans would surely hope are in the works would include an HD version of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask.

This, of course, remains to be seen but it wouldn’t be a surprise for Nintendo to do something big to mark Zelda’s 35th birthday next year.


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